Special Programs 


What Is Ladies Club?

1.A Fun Time with “the girls”.

2.A “Best Friends” (one on one) approach to appropriate stimulation and socialization for women with early cognitive problems due to Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.

We gather together on most Saturdays of the year for four hours – from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. We have found that the four hours does two things:

1.Gives the families a good amount of time to rest or run errands.

2.Gives the Ladies enough time to visit and catch up with each other and hear the “good” news before a nice lunch.After lunch we have time to walk a little and do an hour’s activity and end with singing before 3 P.M.

This program was devised to help the Caregiver get some respite and to provide appropriate socialization for the Ladies. It also acts as a bridge toward further involvements in Adult Day Care Programs and even facility placement. The socialization is so very important for our ladies, who for the most part, have lost their circle of friends and their activities because of their memory loss and/or loss of self confidence.

The family gets to experience how powerful a social program is for their loved one and is able to see that others can love and appreciate and care for them in a dignified and meaningful manner. The Caregiver also experiences that their loved one CAN enjoy time away from them – a powerful insight.

We laugh a lot; we encourage each other; we compete with each other in the games; we create things together. We love being together and this becomes contagious for a new lady coming into our ever-so-welcoming group. It’s all win-win!

Please feel free to have any family interested in this program, contact us at our offices at 262-8388.

We would love to talk with them, assess them for appropriateness and show them our scrapbook.

Marianne Troy, M.S. Director of Family Services